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Sing with Island Soul Choir!

All you need is a desire to sing. There are no auditions. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never sung in a choir before. You don’t even need to know how to read music. This is a community choir in its truest sense!

Check the Rehearsal & Concert Schedule and Member Handbook (see buttons below) for complete details. If you still have other questions, be sure to contact us. We’ll be happy to help.

ISC's Fall 2024 Rehearsal & Concert Schedule
ISC Member Handbook

What being in the choir means to our members

It means joy and inspiration… singing music that transcends race and nationality to touch the human being in all of us… living a dream you thought would never materialize… finding your own voice and making it heard in the world…joining voices to create beautiful harmonies… energizing us with passion to take on life’s adventures with renewed vigour.

It means connection and sharing with the other singers… laughing at our mistakes, then regrouping and trying harder to get it right… celebrating, encouraging and supporting those who step up to sing a solo… seeing our audience enjoying themselves so much that they stand up and dance and clap to our songs… feeling alive and present, calm and energized at the same time, like having a really good workout without all the sweat and sore muscles.

It means community… making me a part of something bigger than just myself… a collective and inclusive friendliness and warmth… going beyond the confines of the familiar, bonding strangers together through the music… transcending beyond our oneness and getting in touch with the energy that we are all part of.

All of this and more is what being in the choir means for us, and it’s what keeps us coming back!

Next chance to join Island Soul Choir

Registration for our FALL 2024 session is will open on Saturday, August 3, 2024.

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